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Come to Legends of Wine

This is the best wine tasting experience you’re going to have. Approximately 40 wineries selected by industry legends Darrell Corti and David Berkley set up in front of the State Capitol, and oftentimes the people pouring are the winemakers themselves. You’ll also get a diverse selection of cheese to try, as well as other bites. We can’t emphasize enough how much cheese there is. Don’t skimp on it. Eat it all. There are great wine regions really close to Sacramento, but for this evening, 40ish of the best come to the center of Sacramento.

Enter the Random Drawing for Tower Bridge Dinner Tickets

There’s only one way to get one of the public tickets to the Tower Bridge Dinner: enter the random drawing for the chance to buy. Once the drawing closes, the lucky winners will be randomly selected.

Don’t Miss Friday Night at the Farm-to-Fork Street Festival

In 2019, we extended the Farm-to-Fork Street Festival to two days. People who didn’t come to the Friday night portion of the festival for the music, food and drinks were sad. Don’t be sad this year. Come to both days.

Plan your Visit to the Farm-to-Fork Street Festival

With more than a mile of vendors, four stages and plenty to eat and drink, the Farm-to-Fork Street Festival can feel a little overwhelming. Make sure to take a look at the festival map and the list of vendors before you go so you know who you need to see. Get there early for the shortest lines at some of the vendors who give out the best freebies. You’ll know them when you see them. And it’s worth walking through the whole festival to get a good idea of what you want to eat.

When it comes to parking, take advantage of the garages at DOCO and others in the area. If you’re biking, that’s even better, and there’ll be a free bike valet on-site.

You’re welcome to bring your dog, but with large crowds, other dogs and animals, it’s not always the best environment for every canine, so make sure yours will be happy and stress-free in that environment.