The Farm-to-Fork Festival is a celebration of Sacramento’s food and agricultural heritage that has earned the designation as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. This free, annual festival attracts more than 100,000 attendees. We are proud to welcome farms, growers, producers, suppliers and other organizations that share our passion for the region’s agriculture, food, and spirit of community.  Plus, it’s a lot of forkin’ fun! 

Visit Sacramento reviews each application to ensure that all participating vendors align with our mission to showcase the best of America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Please be ready to share your farm-to-fork story as a part of this process.

Thank you to all vendors who joined us for the 2023 Farm-to-Fork street festival! To stay up to date about all things Farm to Fork and when vendor booths open up for the 2024 Farm to Fork Festival, join our newsletter: