Bearing the legacy of four generations of Yorba citrus growers in Southern California, the Kraemer Family found a new home in the Sierra Foothills – on a beautiful, secluded ranch in Amador County. Their vineyard on Shake Ridge Ranch is the culmination of experience, thoughtful design and hard work. Their grapes are tended with constant attention, yet minimal and judicious intervention. The vines are given limited inputs, but are not asked to carry more crop than they can handle, encouraging strong, healthy plants, that produce wines of the highest quality.

Visit them in charming Sutter Creek and taste through their current releases and discover your new favorite Yorba wine! Relax, sip wine and enjoy conversations at their community table or comfortable chairs.  When the weather is mild, they have a lovely outdoor deck and charming stone patio shaded by a grand old cypress tree – the perfect location to unwind, slow down and start your week or weekend off right!