Silt Wine Company:
The Silt soils of Clarksburg provide fruit to wine regions throughout California. Silt Wine Company invites you to experience the wines that have kept our families rooted to the Clarksburg AVA for generations.

Silt Wine Company is sophisticated, polished and proud to promote Clarksburg, whose mission is to help you enjoy Clarksburg as much as we do.

We are blessed to be a part of the Clarksburg AVA and we want to showcase the grapes and the wines that are produced here. What you’ll taste from every bottle is a combination of the passion of the Clarksburg farmer, the gift that the Delta soil brings, and a promise to never hide the fruit behind the process.

Fellow Wines:
Our vision was inspired by and is a tribute to the Clarksburg community. We are fellow friends, farmers, neighbors, winemakers, and family. We are fellow mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and entrepreneurs. We are pioneers. We want to extend that sense of sharing and friendship in every bottle of Fellow wines. It is our invitation to the world – to share Clarksburg.

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