About the Winery

Casino Mine Ranch is an estate vineyard located in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County, California. The property — a century-old ranch that was once mined for gold — is owned and managed by fourth-generation Californian brothers, Jim and Rich Merryman

About the Name

The owners’ great Aunt Simone homesteaded the ranch in 1936 to mine for gold after a successful run in the Jualin Mine, the largest gold mine in Alaska. After years in the business, she knew mining was a gamble and hence, named the property “Casino Mine Ranch.”

Fast-forward to 2011. After planting 14-acres of vineyard, it seemed natural to keep the “Casino Mine Ranch” name because the wine business is also a gamble.

Together with its exceptional winemaking team, a reverence for farming, and dedication to the industry, the Casino Mine Ranch team thinks they’re onto something special, that they hope you enjoy.

About the Label

If you take a close look at the wine label, you’ll recognize it as gold being sifted through a slough box, reflecting the land’s mining past and the quartz and clay-filled soil.

Case Production



White/Rosé: SRP $25 / BTG $13 / WHOLESALE $19
Reserve Rose: SRP $35 / BTG $13 / WHOLESALE $19
Single Varietal and Marcel: SRP $35 / BTG $16 / WHOLESALE $24
Simone: SRP $45 / BTG $19 / WHOLESALE $30

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