The Program

Welcome to America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital


Farm-to-fork eating has always been a way of life in the Sacramento region, long before the concept had a name. In 2012, Josh Nelson of the Selland Family Restaurants approached Visit Sacramento with the idea that the region should shine a light on its amazing food and agriculture and share it with the rest of the country. Soon after, former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson declared the region America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, and the rest is history.

Today, the Sacramento region’s Farm-to-Fork Program serves as a year-round platform to highlight the farms, restaurants, organizations and individuals that contribute to the local culinary and agricultural landscapes.

In 2017, Visit Sacramento announced a partnership with regional leadership organization Valley Vision to further extend the reach of the farm-to-fork initiative. Visit Sacramento continues to lead the marketing and tourism aspects of  farm-to-fork, while Valley Vision oversees the farm-to-fork committees,  leads research around regional food and agriculture, and helps to facilitate solutions to related issues.

Farm-to-Fork Values

HEALTH – Grow and utilize nutritious ingredients and cooking practices in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

ECONOMY – Support and patronize local businesses and growers, driving local investment and employment opportunities in  America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

ENVIRONMENT – Utilize available tools to reduce waste and create resource preservation of America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

COMMUNITY – Engage, educate and support local consumers and organizations to exemplify the values of America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital