Board and Committee

Farm-to-Fork Subcommittees

The Farm-to-Fork program relies on the invaluable support and insight of key farm-to-fork leaders from around the region. The committee members come from the food and agricultural industries, as well as the business community, and provide important guidance in shaping the Farm-to-Fork program.

Farm-to-Fork Steering Committee

The Farm-to-Fork steering committee is composed of farmers, produce distributors, educators, restaurateurs, non-profit leaders and and other individuals who are committed to seeing Farm-to-Fork flourish in the Sacramento region.

Farm-to-Fork Youth Committee

Made up of educators, non-profits and children’s advocacy organizations, the Farm-to-Fork youth committee works to identify ways to integrate farm to fork into curriculum and youth programs across the region.

Farm-to-Fork Culinary Committee

A diverse group of chefs, restaurateurs and farmers, the culinary committee helps to shape the entry points for Farm-to-Fork food events and is working to create a base criteria to signify Farm-to-Fork restaurants in the Sacramento region.

Visit Sacramento

As a division of Visit Sacramento, a 501(c)(6), the Farm-to-Fork program is guided by Visit Sacramento’s dedicated volunteer board. The board represents all aspects of the tourism and hospitality industries’ most important stakeholders, including lodging, meeting facilities, attractions, restaurants, arts and culture, government, retail, sports and transportation.