What We Do

The Program

Run by Visit Sacramento, the Farm-to-Fork Program was established in 2012 to share the stories of the Sacramento region's unbeatable fresh food and agriculture.

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Why Sacramento?

In short, Farm-to-Fork is more than a slogan in the Sacramento region - it's a way of life. Nowhere else in the country can diners access so much fresh, local food 365 days a year.

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Fast Facts

It doesn’t get more farm-fresh than the Sacramento region, and we’re growing everything from apples to beer. Read on to learn more about the amazing agriculture and food scene in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.

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Our Services

The Farm-to-Fork Program works to spread the word about what the amazing people of America's Farm-to-Fork Capital are doing to feed our residents and the nation - and to change our food system for the better.

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Everything Farm-to-Fork

Consider us your source for the latest Farm-to-Fork news locally and around the world.

Understanding Seasonal Produce

Diners in the Sacramento region are treated to a wide variety of fresh produce options throughout the year. But, our local fruits and vegetables are only available when they're in season, so it pays to know what's growing when.

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Board & Committee

The Farm-to-Fork Program relies on the invaluable support and insight of key Farm-to-Fork leaders from around the region. From farmers to educators, our committee members play a vital role in shaping the direction of our program.

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