Taylor’s Market celebrates “Farm-to-Fork” on Sunday, September 29 with a Field Day and Dinner 1:00-6:00 pm at Emigh Ranch in Dixon, CA


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Taylor’s Market celebrates “Farm-to-Fork” on Sunday, September 29 with a Field Day and Dinner 1:00-6:00 pm at Emigh Ranch in Dixon, CA 

If you don’t have tickets to the Farm-to-Fork Tower Bridge dinner in Sacramento on Sunday, September 29, here’s a farm-to-fork-on-the-ranch dinner you might like.

Taylor’s Market is hosting Butchering 101~Emigh Ranch Field Day & Dinner, combining a butchering class, ranch tour, and dinner on Sunday, September 29 from 1 to 6 pm in Dixon, CA. The event includes: guided tours of the ranch; discussion of Emigh Grass-fed Lamb during a Taylor’s Market Butchering 101 class with Danny Johnson, who will butcher a whole lamb; and an early evening ranch-style dinner prepared by Chef Richard Telford and staff of Taylor’s Kitchen restaurant on Freeport Boulevard in Saramento.

For 51 years, Taylor’s Market–an old-fashioned butcher and grocer–has brought local, farm-fresh, fell-good food to its Land Park, Curtis Park and Sacramento neighbors. Emigh Lamb Ranch in Dixon–which is less than 25 miles from Taylor’s–provides Taylor’s Market with their lamb and beef; Emigh Ranch was established in 1877.

Johnson says the Emigh Ranch Field Day and Dinner is a spinoff of last year’s Wintun Ranch Field Day and Dinner that featured grass-fed beef raised in Placer County, California. “This ranch dinner is our contribution to Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Capital campaign and celebration September 23-29, 2013. I love what the City of Sacramento is doing with the Farm-to-Fork movement. Farm-to-Fork has been Taylor’s philosophy for 51 years.  We’ll also repeat our Wintun Ranch Field Day and Dinner on October 20. Nothing says ‘farm-to-fork’ like dining with fellow foodies, outdoor on the ranch where the food you’re eating was raised.”

Johnson adds, “I like Emigh Ranch because of their sustainable husbandry practices. And they are the closest, most sustainably run ranch in Northern California to our market and our restaurant.”

Johnson says he also likes being able to deal one-on-one with the rancher. “Knowing what he feeds his animals and how he raises them dovetails perfectly with our philosophy. And their ranch is truly local.” He says the event will delight lamb-lovers. “This field day, butchering class and dinner are perfect for anyone who really wants to see where local, grass-fed lamb comes from and how it’s raised. And eat an artfully prepared, five-course lamb dinner.”

During the Butchering 101 class, Johnson will break down a whole Emigh Lamb, and Rancher Martin Emigh will be on hand to answer questions about the ranch, Emigh Lamb, and the health benefits of eating sustainably grown, flavorful grass-fed lamb.

The bulk of the cooking will happen right on the ranch. Chef Richard Telford of Taylor’s Kitchen says he’ll work with Azolla Farms in Marysville, to develop the menu around vegetables in season, as well as the cuts of lamb that Emigh Ranch provides. Chef Telford says, “The bulk of the cooking will happen right at the ranch. We’ll prep and cook a few items ahead of time at the restaurant, like the Lamb Bresaola (spiced air-dried lamb) and the Lamb Sugo (braised lamb sauce) that we’ll pair with Pasta Dave’s homemade artisan pasta. And the main course will definitely be Emigh Ranch’s leg of lamb.” The dinner will involve the entire staff of Taylor’s Kitchen–six cooks, their pastry chef, and front of the house staff. Revolution Wines will provide the wine pairing for the dinner.

Telford says he looks forward to these ranch dinners. “I have a lot of fun. And it gets us out of the kitchen and gives us a chance to see where the food comes from. And that’s important not only to us as chefs and cooks, but to the people who come to these dinners as well.”

The Emigh Field Day and Ranch Dinner is limited to 60 guests, and the event is rain or shine since the dinner will be held on the covered patio next to the Emighs’ outdoor kitchen.

Emigh Ranch owners, Martin and Jeanine Emigh, have owned the ranch land where they live for 20 years, but Emigh Ranch was started in Rio Vista, California by his great-grandfather in 1877. Martin says, “My grandfather figured out in the 1950s that we could produce harvest-ready lambs year-round by moving the ewes from our un-irrigated ranch land in Rio Vista (the original ranch) to irrigated pasture land in Dixon. Our ewes and lambs graze so they are 100% grass-fed and all natural.”

The Emighs host annual dinners for Cattlemen’s Association members from Napa and Solano Counties, as well as the Sheep Producers in the area. Their ranch also hosts tours for busloads of UC Davis Animal Science students, as well as tourists from other countries who are in agriculture and are interested in the Emighs’ sustainable ranching practices. Martin says, “I really enjoy showing these college kids around so they can experience a practical, working ranch. Tourists from other countries who are in agriculture visit because they are interested in how we do things here. And retail customers like Danny Johnson who are interested in knowing how the meat they sell has been raised.”

Martin’s wife Jeanine adds, “People who visit the ranch are amazed. Society as a whole is pretty uneducated about where meat comes from and how it’s raised. What many people see on TV news does not reflect how happy our animals are, how they’re raised on natural grasses without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Martin is a fourth generation rancher, and we haven’t changed our animal husbandry practices since his great-grandfather started the ranch four generations ago.”

Martin says his goal is to grow consistent quality product year in and year out that his customers can count on. “I want to market my lambs directly to restaurants, customers, butcher-shops and grocers like Taylor’s because I’m picking the best of the best for harvest. Taylor’s Market is always getting the cream off the top and Taylor’s Market customer know it. When we harvest a lot of lamb, that goes into commercial production.

The Emighs raise white-face ewes that include a variety of breeds–Rambouillet cross-bred with Suffolks that are wool and meat breeds, and Suffolk Hampshire crosses, which are meat breeds. Martin explains, “When you cross a wool breed with a meat breed, it produces a unique animal that is excellent for human consumption.”

At any given time the Emighs are raising between 2,000 and 3,000 sheep and lambs, and 800 to 1,000 head of cattle on their ranch land in Dixon and Rio Vista, California. Martin adds, “We’re only selling our grass-fed beef to Taylor’s Market right now. The rest is going into the commercial market.”

Johnson sums up why Sacramento foodies will enjoy the Emigh Ranch Field Day and Dinner, “This is as close to farm-to-table as you can get.”

Tickets for Taylor’s Market’s Butchering 101~Emigh Ranch Field Day and Dinner September 29 are $85, and include wine and gratuity (plus $5.67 EventBrite surcharge). Tickets for Butchering 101~Wintun Ranch Dinner on October 20 are $85 (plus $5.67 EventBrite surcharge) and include wine and gratuity. Tickets are available at www.taylorsmarket.com/events and at the Market. For more information about Emigh Ranch, go to emighlamb.com.

Here is the Butchering 101 schedule for the rest of 2013:

Saturday, September 14, 10 am
Butchering 101 ~ Basic Butchering Skills and Techniques
(Original Class)
This class is the original Basic Butchering Skills and Techniques class. It is the perfect starter course for the home cook or aspiring butcher. Taylor’s Market Butcher Danny Johnson will discuss and demonstrate basic principles of home butchering and preparation of basic cuts of meat. A light lunch will be served.

Sunday, September 29, 1-6 pm
Butchering 101~Emigh Lamb Ranch Field Day & Dinner
Guided tours of Emigh Lamb Ranch in Dixon, Taylor’s Market Butcher Danny Johnson will break down a whole Emigh lamb, followed by an late-afternoon ranch-style dinner prepared by the chefs of Taylor’s Kitchen. This event takes place on the final day of Sacramento’s “Farm-to-Fork Capital” week-long celebration.

Saturday, October 19, 10 am
Butchering 101 ~ The Pig and Sausage, Too!
Join Taylor’s Market Butcher Danny Johnson for a class on the Pig! This class is all about pork, including cuts, preparation, cooking techniques and sausage-making. A light lunch will be served.

October 20, 1-6 pm
Butchering 101~Wintun Ranch Field Day & Dinner
Guided tours of Wintun Ranch in Roseville, Taylor’s Market Butcher Danny Johnson will break down a side of Wintun Ranch Beef, followed by an late-afternoon ranch-style dinner prepared by the chefs of Taylor’s Kitchen.

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