Sacramento Food Writer Hank Shaw is Living Farm-to-Fork

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As Sacramento celebrates its designation as the Farm-to-Fork Capital of America, Sacramento foodie Hank Shaw has reasons of his own to celebrate. The local food writer, blogger and wilderness extraordinaire will be featured on the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods America” with Andrew Zimmern and was recently nominated for a James Beard Award for the third time.

Hank called many places home prior to settling in Sacramento. And what better place to be for a foodie than a city known for its farm-to-table cuisine?

“It makes sense,” Shaw said when asked about his thoughts on Sacramento’s newest title. “Sacramento is a good place to celebrate the farm-to-table movement. The city is taking charge of what makes it special.”

And when it comes to eating local, Shaw knows what he is doing. His interest is honest food, which for the most part comes from hunting, fishing and foraging to make his daily meals.

“I have seen corporate farming come in and ruin communities, and I don’t want that,” Shaw said. “I like the idea of knowing where my food comes from and who grew it, if it’s not me.”

In reality, most of the time Shaw is the one growing, hunting, fishing and foraging his own food. He uses mostly private land for his foraging excursions and loves the fact that Sacramento is located among such a variety of terrain.

Recently, Shaw had the opportunity to take Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern dove hunting near Woodland, a city just a few miles from Downtown Sacramento. The “Bizarre Foods America” episode will air on Travel Channel Monday, April 15.

Although most products Shaw includes in his diet are home-grown, he is known to take advantage of the abundant farmers markets the Sacramento region has to offer along with one other more common location.

“For products such as dairy, I prefer the Raley’s on Fair Oaks Boulevard because it is just as good as the local health food market,” Shaw said. “I don’t buy meat. I hunt or fish, and I grow a lot and forage a lot. Believe me, I am not going hungry.”

And as the farm-to-fork initiative continues to grow in Sacramento, Shaw made it apparent that he is a believer and a supporter.

“The reason the farm-to-fork movement in Sacramento has developed legs is it’s not BS,” Shaw said. “We are the one city that is local and central, and we have the ability to eat local.”

And as a final thought, Shaw provided a fact that truly resembles why Sacramento is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.

“I automatically think of farm-to-fork when I am in Sacramento because it is so easy,” he said. “Michael Passmore of Passmore Ranch can literally catch a sturgeon and deliver it to Patrick Mulvaney’s in 15 minutes. You don’t find that anywhere else.”