Local Chefs Honor Passmore Ranch with the Circle 41 Tattoo

As the farm-to-fork initiative in Sacramento comes to its inaugural celebration week in September, chefs both near and far seem to be taking more pride in their work and showing more spirit in what they do. From planning unique dinners and menus in area restaurants to collaborating on a dinner served to more than 600 guests on Sacramento’s iconic Tower Bridge, local chefs are making a point to prove what local farmers and growers mean to them.

As many of these dinners and celebrations are ‘firsts’ for Sacramento, three chefs found a first of their own that will certainly last a lifetime.

Michelin Starred Chef Joey Elenterio formerly of Chez TJ in Mountain View, Calif., alongside Pastry Chef Eduard Martinez and Sous Chef Tyler Bond of Enotria Restaurant & Wine Bar in Sacramento, committed Passmore’s brand to their lives by having the Circle 41 Passmore Ranch logo tattooed on themselves.

Passmore 3

Michael Passmore of Passmore Ranch has been making an impact on the dining scene both in Sacramento and across the country for years, and finally three chefs found just the way to celebrate Passmore’s dedication to local farming, fish and food.

“Tattoos have meaning and stories,” said Chef Elenterio. “Today I had the honor to put the Passmore Ranch circle 41 on me. It’s more than just a “brand”, it’s a family. A network of like-minded individuals with respect and integrity. Michael Passmore has been a really respectable and influential person to me. Thank you. Tyler Bond and Edward Martinez welcome to the family.”

Passmore 2

Although these are the first three chefs to join the Passmore Ranch family with tattoos, Michael Passmore says he is anticipating more chefs in the coming months.

“Joey’s quote really frames the significance of the whole thing,” said Passmore. “It meant something to them and us both.”

Although some may claim this type of dedication is a bit crazy, it just proves how important local farmers and growers are to chefs in the Sacramento region and beyond. And, now that these first three tattoos have been inked into history, who is to say what the next will be!