CA Craft Beer Summit and Brewers Showcase Heads to Sacramento


Are You a Craft Beer Enthusiast?

Guest piece from the California Craft Brewers Association

California is the birthplace of the craft beer movement and home to more than 500 craft breweries. Sacramento will welcome craft beer enthusiasts and beer masters from across the state at the California Craft Beer Summit and Brewers Showcase on Sept. 11 and 12. This first-of-its-kind event will provide a chance for brewery owners, beer lovers and home brewers to experience a hands-on education on the craft brewing process, from farm to glass.

Behind every great beer is a great story. This celebration will tell the story of California’s craft beer movement and celebrate the brewers whose creativity and passion have formed the world’s most coveted beers. This event will be the first time craft beer enthusiasts can come together in the same room with the master brewers to see, touch, taste and learn the process of creating these fine craft brews.

Tickets on Sale March 2015. We don’t expect them to last long.

Some of the highlights from the summit include:

  • Tap Talks: Beer masters will host interactive sessions to discuss beer styles, brewery origins and brewing processes
  • Master Demos: Food and beer pairings from California’s top brewers and chefs
  • Experience the Craft Sessions: Educational sessions with craft beer professionals to explore the business of brewing
  • Beer Releases: Surprise new beers released from California’s top brewers
  • Farm-to-Glass: Exhibits showcasing the process of brewing
  • Happy Hour: End the night with IPAs and appetizers

The event will culminate in a craft beer showcase where more than 150 California breweries are expected to pour!

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