Farm Fresh To You Partners with Design My Meals to Benefit Customers


Design My Meals Helps Consumers Meal Plan with Online Pantry, Customized Recipes and Personalized Nutritional Information

SACRAMENTO, CAMore than 400,000 households across the United States receive a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) produce box directly from a local farm. But how many home chefs know what to do with all that kale? How much of the produce goes to waste due to poor meal planning and a lack of good recipes?

Online meal planner Design My Meals and CSA Farm Fresh To You have come up with a solution. The companies announced today that they have partnered to help Farm Fresh To You customers get the best value  from their produce boxes by syncing up their box contents with the Design My Meals menu planning and recipes tools.

By joining Design My Meals, Farm Fresh To You customers have the ingredients of their regular deliveries automatically uploaded to an online pantry. Design My Meals then suggests a wide variety of healthy recipes that make the best use of that produce. Home chefs can click and drag the recipes that appeal to them to a meal planning calendar, and Design My Meals automatically generates a shopping list for any other ingredients. The result is less wasted time in the kitchen and less wasted food.

Farm Fresh To You customers will receive a 30-day free trial for the Design My Meals online meal planning service in addition to a membership discount after the trial is over. The 30-day free trial is also open to the general public through the Design My Meals main website.

Farm Fresh To You users are directed to a specific landing page at Customer support questions should be directed to Design My Meals through its website “contact us” button.

”Our co-founder, Cara Moretti, has been a loyal Farm Fresh To You member and fan for several years now. She was planning all of her family’s meals around what comes in her box each week, and so she asked me to build a CSA function into our site,” said Design My Meals CEO Carla Bayot. “We thought that by automating that process, it would encourage others to do the same. Part of the reason we had formed Design My Meals was to encourage people to include fresh produce in their meals every day. So this functionality and partnership is a huge step in that direction.”

“People are so busy these days, but they want to feed their families healthy meals,” said Thaddeus Barsotti, chief farmer and co-CEO of Farm Fresh To You. “Getting produce delivered fresh from the farm is a great first step our Farm Fresh To You customers have made and with Design My Meals, they can access state of the art meal planning tools and customize dishes for the entire family. It also makes shopping a breeze when you know what’s in your pantry – Farm Fresh To You’s CSA box contents are automatically uploaded to the Design My Meals website.”

About Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You is an organic farm and CSA home delivery service connecting families with the source of their produce. Farming since 1976, this second-generation company that pioneered the organic foods movement, is owned by brothers Noah Barnes and Thaddeus and Freeman Barsotti. Growing up on the farm, the brothers were instilled with a good understanding of the shortcomings of modern agriculture and are excited to be changing the food system for the better.

About Design My Meals

Design My Meals was started by two working mothers, engineer Carla Bayot and physician Cara Moretti, MD, MPH, in order to make it simpler for people to prepare healthy dishes every day. Its meal planning calendar allows users to choose by special dietary needs and what’s already in the kitchen; substitute ingredients and generate shopping lists with a click; locate farmers markets; and see personalized nutrition facts for each household member. In the end, it makes healthy eating easier.

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