Sacramento Tower Bridge Dinner Media Preview

The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau invites you to pull up a chair for a taste of one of California’s most unforgettable dining experiences.

The food event of the harvest season is Sacramento’s  Gala Dinner on the Tower Bridge – an exclusive evening with 750 guests enjoying a locally sourced meal atop an iconic Sacramento landmark. Two leading area chefs are selected to oversee a team of more than 30 peers in creating a meal that diners won’t soon forget.

On August 6, Sacramento is hosting an intimate Bay Area media preview of the Tower Bridge experience. Our lead chefs Oliver Ridgeway of Grange and Ravin Patel of Selland Family Restaurants will give the first taste of their September menu and introduce you to the flavors that make Sacramento one of the West’s most exciting new food destinations.


If you’ve heard the buzz about Sacramento’s food scene, now is the time to experience it for yourself.