Restaurant Week Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Goal?

Our goal as the California Restaurant Association in partnership with America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital is to celebrate our region as the leader in farm-to-fork cuisine by enlisting 75+ food establishments in the greater Sacramento area (Elk Grove, Yolo, Roseville, Folsom, etc.) to join Restaurant Week.

How do I participate?               

  • Create your own menu or menu item promoting locally sourced food within 150 mile radius of Sacramento, and promote at your location throughout the eight-days of Restaurant Week
  • There are no menu course requirements. Offer your choice of breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner… we only ask that at least 50% of your highlighted offering be sourced within 150 miles of Sacramento
  • Provide listings of suppliers, ranchers, producers, etc. on menu or have readily available during Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Week event
  • Contribution of $200 per location to the CRA to assist with event coordination costs
  • Donate $100 per location to ProStart powered by CRA Foundation upon registering for Restaurant Week

What’s in it for you?

  • Included in promotions around the Sacramento region’s highly publicized Farm-to-Fork celebration
  • Included in marketing materials promoting the Restaurant Week event
  • Included in related social media activities
  • Identified by other restaurants in the Restaurant Week program
  • Possible opportunities for radio, TV, newspaper spots
  • Listed on the official Farm-to Fork website
  • Access to giveaways for customers
  • Increase consumer traffic and awareness to your restaurant
  • Support of local ProStart program that cultivates young restaurant industry professionals

Why ProStart Programs?

  • We’re serving up brighter futures for Sacramento-Area youth. Each year we give 1500 area high school students the skills, resources and connections they need to land a job and go to college.
  • ProStart® is a two-year, high school culinary arts and entrepreneurship program that keeps youth engaged in school and prepares them for college and careers. We teach job and life skills such as teamwork, professionalism, and leadership. Making a difference starts here. We believe in giving Sacramento youth their first break and transferable skills that create a foundation for success. ProStart changes lives.
  • What students say:
    • 75% say ProStart is the only job readiness training they take in high school71% plan to pursue post-secondary education
    • 68% learned about career opportunities
    • 65% feel better prepared

    “I think the training gave me more confidence to start applying for jobs to build experience and how to apply these skills I learned even before my first day.” Nila, 16

    “ProStart makes me way more excited to apply for a job because now I feel like I actually have a chance of getting it.” Danariz, 17

    • Key supporting messages about restaurant jobs:
      • Restaurants offer a job/career for everyone
      • Restaurant jobs offer flexibility
      • 89% of teens working part-time in restaurants are enrolled in school while working
      • 92% of restaurant employees younger than 18 got their first paid job in the business
      • Employees pick up skills and experiences to help them land other positions

      Where will F2FRW be advertised?

      • Official Farm-to-Fork Website
      • Visit Sacramento and official SacF2F social media handles
      • CRA Sacramento Chapter social media handles
      • Official Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Week Instagram, #sacrestaurantweek
      • Radio spotlights before and during event
      • PR campaign + blogging produced by CRA and Visit Sacramento
      • OpenTable featured Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Week promotional page and email newsletters
      • Regional newsletters + email marketing produced by CRA

      How can I make an additional donation at the end of F2FRW?

      • If Restaurant Week was successful for your restaurant and you would like to make an additional donation to the beneficiary, please email Liz Lorand at [email protected] no later than October 1st 2017

      What are other restaurants doing?

      • Kitchen garden tours
      • Meet and greet with local purveyors of produce ranging from honey to mushrooms
      • Chef demonstrations, pasta making, oyster shucking
      • Lunch and learn seminars on topics ranging from raising local beef to cheese making

      What materials are given to me?

      • Marketing tool kit with logo, check list and menu templates
      • Restaurant Week window decal
      • Restaurant Week poster
      • Restaurant Week check presenters
      • Restaurant Week table tents
      • List of participating restaurants
      • Previous success stories
      • Mentor contact list

      How can I be successful with Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Weeks?

      • Educate your servers. They should be able to explain farm to fork, your menu offering, and where the items come from
      • Educate your host. They should be able to explain when taking reservations.
      • Add to your farm to fork menu where your local items come from
      • Make sure every guest gets a menu and frequent visit card
      • Make sure every guest gets an introduction to Farm To Fork week
      • Makes sure every guest has a stamped card before they leave
      • Use your social media to publicize event a week in advance and during event
      • Put information on your website
      • Put link on your website to the farm to fork website
      • Email your customer base a couple of weeks in advance
      • Talk/display posters at outside events
      • Have display poster in a prominent position in the restaurant
      • Invite a ProStart representative to join a staff meeting

      Need a Restaurant Weeks mentor? Please feel free to reach out to one of our past participants for guidance.