The Farm-to-Fork Series of the Visit Sacramento podcast introduces you to some of the people who help make Sacramento America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital.

In this six-episode series, you’ll get an inside look at the 2019 Farm-to-Fork events put on by Visit Sacramento with Events Director Annie Mosley, and hear from Josh Nelson, the local restaurateur who spearheaded the movement to get Sacramento its farm-to-fork recognition – along with his view on what it takes to earn a Michelin star.

You’ll also find out from Amber Stott how the Food Literacy Center is working to increase access and education on healthy foods, and see how local chef Santana Diaz of UC Davis Health is changing the way hospitals think about food – his newest challenge after bringing farm to fork mainstream in sports stadiums.

Finally, Rob Archie of Urban Roots and Pangea talks about how Sacramento’s breweries fit in with the farm-to-fork ethos, and rancher Michael Passmore of Passmore Ranch sheds light on how Sacramento came to produce 80 percent of the nation’s caviar, and what farmers wish consumers knew about what they do.

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