As a Sacramento Kings DJ and DJ in the California nightlife scene, Stace Lace makes the party wherever she spins. She started her career 13 years ago as a mobile DJ and has expanded to play at clubs and private parties all over the West Coast, including Mexico. She prides herself on customixing her playlists to each party and providing the vibe to move any crowd. Though she is known for her skill in spinning open format sets, her ability to create live remixes of any genre is undeniable.

DJ Stace Lace hails fom a family of musical talent in which she grew up hearing jazz, soul, and funk music and learning musical theory. In her college years, she performed with the traveling choir of Morgan State University, where she grew to love classical music and test out her chops with operatic singing. Her eclectic love for music grew and led her to meet her future mentors in the DJ arena.

Shortly after learning how to DJ in 2012, Stace Lace went on to DJ private events, everything from weddings to runway shows, around Northern California. As she expanded her business, she was hired to DJ large corporate events in the San Francisco Bay Area where she refined her skills as a sound engineer.