Dancing Tomato Caffé

We are a family owned and operated, home grown restaurant. Our family started cooking 50 years ago, in 1965 in Chico, Mom & Dad opened the Italian Cottage, still operated by brother Brian. In 1982, our Caffé Italia opened and is still operated by Kevin & Shar & our great Caffé Crew. In 2004 we opened our new concept, the Dancing Tomato Caffé…to feature the best of local NorCal crops and ingredients dancing in our dishes. It has been a connection to farmers we know, and sourcing ingredients locally grown as much as we can. “Farmers grow it, we cook it, you eat it, and we hope you enjoy. Thank you for dining with us”. Tastefully, Green Sharlene
We’re cooking breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday. Monthly Specials feature locally sourced ingredients harvested at their peak of freshness. We love our guests, we hope you’ll love our food.

Menu: Coming Soon…

Cuisine: Northern California
Neighborhood: Yuba-Sutter

Restaurant Details:
990 N. Walton Ave.
(916) 834-7083