Bringing the Farm to Every Fork

artichokesThere’s nothing quite like the thrill of a box of fresh produce arriving at your door, but whether it’s due to a vacation or a long week at work, some of us don’t always get to use the items in our CSA.

Thankfully, Farm Fresh to You recently launched a program that ensures your box doesn’t go to waste, while helping the food-insecure in our communities. The new Donate-A-Box program allows Farm Fresh to You customers to pass along their CSA to a local food bank partner.  Customers are prompted to donate to a food bank when they schedule a vacation hold for their box, or the public can log on to donate a box at any time.

Made possible through a grant from USDA Local Food Promotion, the Donate-A-Box program benefits The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, SF-Marin Food Bank, Volunteers of America (VOA) Los Angeles, Westside Food Bank (Santa Monica) and Yolo Food Bank (Woodland).

To learn more about the program or to schedule your donation, visit