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Sutter Health Farm-to-Fit Wellness Activity, featuring Zuda Yoga

7am-8am, Capitol Mall

Free Event!

NOTE: We recommend that you RSVP for this free activity via the Facebook event page, but registration is not mandatory. It will take place in the Sutter Health Active Kids Zone located at Capitol Mall & 7th Street.

Power Vinyasa Yoga – ZUDA’s signature class: vigorous, dynamic, flow-based yoga where variance and creativity are the norm. Each class differs from the last to help you find your edge.

  • You will sweat
  • You will be challenged
  • You will have fun

This is the full expression of vinyasa as moving meditation. When linking breath with movement, the practice become dancelike — an interplay of motion and stillness. Strength, flexibility, balance and cardio come into harmony. Described as “an awakening,” the only way to truly understand is to do it.

About the Instructor, Christine Lawrence

Yoga is walking the middle path. Christine hopes to make yoga accessible for every body and encourages students to play their edge, to find the sweet spot of not too much, not too little, but just right. She moves her students to explore their bodies and connect to their minds. To Christine, yoga is freedom. Her classes are heart-filled, challenging, and liberating.

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