252 Accelerator: Rooting Aspiring Ag Entrepreneurs

Presented by Farm to Fork Capital

It is estimated that the sedimentary rock that comprises the Sacramento Valley was formed 252 million years ago. The 252 Accelerator aims to root aspiring ag entrepreneurs in Sacramento to our collective history while propelling toward a more inclusive and regenerative future.

Class Topics:
-August 6: Grounding and Honor: Knowing your why, honoring the land, and Natives
-August 8: Farm Visit
-August 13: Accountability and Balance: Tribal leadership, not hushing to it, collective impact, and challenges of farming
-August 15: Vision and Purpose
-August 20: Modeling your business, Systems Thinking, Ideate, Design, and Prototype
-August 22: Farming Laws and the Art of Bending Them, Risk Management
-August 27: Pitch Night
-August 29: Options for Land-access, City, County, Incubators, Lawns, and Indoor
-September 10: Cottage Law, and Start-up Costs
-September 12: Debrief and Celebration