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Born and raised in Palo Alto, Takumi Abe’s enthusiasm for food started at a young age. Since beginning his cooking career at age 15, he has always been passionate about eating, cooking, and the restaurant industry. In his 25 year career he has worked in Malmo, Sweden, Boulder, Colorado, San Francisco, California and Tokyo, Japan before coming to Sacramento. He worked in the Bay Area for over ten years along side Jesse Cool, Judy Rodgers, and Chris Cosentino.

He is influenced by his Japanese and Swedish-American upbringing, the seasons of Northern California, and the traditions of everyday food. After extensive travel around Japan, eating and making ramen, Takumi returned to San Francisco to launch the first iteration of Kodaiko as ramen pop-ups. In 2019, Takumi and partners Billy Ngo and Peter Kwong, opened Kodaiko Ramen & Bar in Sacramento. Kodaiko is a seasonally-influenced Japanese American restaurant with a focus on ramen made from scratch and craft cocktails.

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