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Shawn Cox is the executive chef of the Selland Family’s OBO’ Italian Table & Bar and has been with Selland Family Restaurants for over 12 years. Born and raised in Sacramento, Shawn’s love for food began at the young age of five when his parents began to teach him how to prep and cook from their cultural backgrounds. Growing up, Shawn’s mother taught him the cooking techniques of Okinawan cuisine, while his father showed him classic southern food traditions.

Inspired by his upbringing, Shawn decided to pursue opportunities in the culinary field and started as a dishwasher at Selland’s Market Café flagship location on H Street, where he worked his way up the ladder to lead line cook. His passion and hard work eventually led him to Sacramento’s renowned The Kitchen Restaurant for four years, where he started as a commi and left as a chef de partie. Since 2017, Shawn has been the executive chef of OBO’, where he provides guests with high-quality dishes with the freshest local ingredients.

shawn cox wearing an obo chef's coat with his arms crossed
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