Offering 8 years of successful Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry and collectively 15 years in Human Resource Management and Development experience combined with 2 four-year degrees from UC Davis and Cheese Professional Certification (ACS-CCP) through the American Cheese Society since 2017. Local educator in cheese pairings with wine and beer for 8 years. Developer, owner, and manager of the popular restaurants, The Rind and La Crosta, both focused on a farm to fork mission with an ethos of humane and artisan foods, while being an integral partner in the local community.  This will be the second time participating in the Tower Bridge Farm to Fork Dinner, and excited to share the passion for artisan cheese with local produce.  Noteworthy contributions to a variety of media and social media outlets, including California Bountiful, local news tv stations and radios, including Good Morning Sacramento, Studio40, Capitol Public Radio on NPR, and printed media, including The Sacramento Magazine, The Edible Magazine, SacTown Magazine, The Sac Bee, and more.

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