In 2006, two (probably crazy) friends signed a lease and completely renovated a storage warehouse in Midtown Sacramento in order to roast specialty coffee and create scratch-baked breads and pastries all under one roof. The “vision” was to either make it themselves or to know who grew their ingredients and partner with them and then to wholesale these products to other local like-minded emerging restaurant and café owners in the area.

Fast forward 15 years later and they still partner with their original honey, chocolate, and flour providers and have established direct sourcing relationships with nine different coffee producer partners across the globe.

Along the way, they’ve been blessed to open four retail cafes thanks to some unbelievably awesome core employees, very supportive families and many other supporting hands.

The last year and a half has been admittedly the toughest times they, their employees and their supply chain partners have experienced since inception.

It will not deter them and they hope it will not deter you.

It does indeed take a village both locally and globally!

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