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Lorin Kalisky grew up baking bread in his parents’ bakery in Davis, CA, but pursued a career in journalism and technology as a young adult. Later, after having lived in Boston, San Francisco, and then Paris for more than 14 years, Lorin moved back to Davis with his wife and two daughters and took the helm at Upper Crust Baking, the bakery founded by his parents 35+ years ago.

Lorin trained with top bakers in the US and France, and has brought new energy, ideas, and products to the bakery. Today, Upper Crust Baking produces a wide variety of bread and desserts—from authentic baguettes and long-fermentation sourdough, to modern French pastry and viennoiserie. Lorin has continued to expand the bakery’s three-decade tradition of sourcing ingredients from local farms and agricultural producers.

Upper Crust Baking has bakehouse-cafés in Davis and Winters, and serves many farmers markets in the Greater Sacramento region.

lorin kalisky wearing a white polo shirt that has a french flag on it
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