Chef Jet was born and raised in Guam. At the age of 17, Jet moved off the island with his parents and sister to come to California and go to college. After settling in the Antelope area of the greater Sacramento region, Jet was accepted into Sacramento State University while working in the food service industry at Thunder Valley Casino as a food runner. After working in the front-of-the-house, Jet ended up expressing interest in back-of-the-house operation. Receiving hands-on experience from different chefs and many of the different restaurants within the casino property, Chef Jet was able to experience many culinary techniques regarding a multitude of restaurant concepts – seven in total before becoming a Sous Chef and moving on to the private sector.  

Chef Jet went on to work and experience the hustle and bustle of a few local franchise restaurants and then went to Nordstrom to work in their café. It was there that Chef Jet was able to work his way up and earn the title of Executive Chef. While running that operation, Jet and his team were consistently ranked #1 in the Nor Cal region. Food was his calling yet believed that there may be something more that he could offer. A job was posted for a Food Service Manager position at UC Davis Health and so the initial interest was sparked with his own personal statement:

“UC Davis is nationally recognized for its care, why not also be recognized for our food?”

After just a few years, chef Jet was promoted to Executive Sous Chef of the Food and Nutrition Services culinary team. He and the team are working diligently to shift the program into a true Farm-to-Fork food program while assisting Sacramento’s top-ranked patient care hospital produce food that is clean, fresh and local. With oversight of the patient care division of the operation, chef was also able to play a critical role in developing the new celebratory meal or “Mommy Meal” program which was a way to offer the patients with new family additions an opportunity to have a “first” family meal together experience!

“In serving patients and their loved ones, our food program can help heal one plate at a time. We will prove that Good Food is Good Medicine.”