Born and raised Sacramento Proud, Jamie Mack is Chef Owner of SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio. Jamie’s passion for aesthetics and her unique quality of service is what will make her a staple here in the River City. What’s interesting about this pastry chef is, long before finding her destination, she displayed her craftiness as a finished carpenter, illustrator, and a production decorator. Thus, she offers the one trait that makes a pastry chef’s stock rise in this industry, that is, innovation.

Jamie specializes in traditional dessert and pastries. Nevertheless, her cake artistry delivers much diversification. She has recently opened a Beignet Bar in Arden Fair Mall and her beignets have been added to the menu at the Sacramento Zoo. Jamie’s distinctive approach to her industry helped her bring home the win on episode 6 of Baketopia on HBOMAX.

Jamie credits her success, thus far, to her family, friends, and clients who have supported the growth of SpiderMonkey’s Dessert Studio during its 12-year journey. Jamie says, “My family has taught me that a person of integrity and service is a person who makes an impact in their community.” Keep your eyes on Jamie. SpiderMonkey is on the move.