Alex was born and raised in Sacramento, but left the valley in disdain, searching for more. He moved to the Bay Area at 19, angsty and full of fire and landed his first job at a falafel joint on College Avenue in Berkeley. He worked in the bay area for six years, moving from restaurant to restaurant like a Viking. He conquered each kitchen’s hot line and moved to the next when he felt like he had learned everything he could. 

After a blurry six years, he moved back to Sacramento and was not excited to be home. A few months passed, he saw the evolution coming – the same evolution he saw happen to Oakland when the tech industry boom launched. The food, wine and booze scene was changing dramatically and he though, “I might actually find a place I like to work at.” 

Since he’s been back home in Sacramento, he’s worked at many of the valley’s finest institutions: The Firehouse, Ella, The Snug and his true Sacramento restaurant family, KRU. Now he’s at Kodaiko, KRU’s sister ramen restaurant.

Sacramento has surprised him in so many ways since he’s been back. Growing up in South Sacramento and seeing all the cool places open in neighborhoods that he never would have dreamed of hanging out at six years ago makes him excited as a young cook to get his feet wet in a pool of new emerging ideas.