South Fork Vodka is an extraordinary, world-class taste experience. The exceptional smoothness results from a multi-distillation process and a unique, small-batch finishing method utilized by no other producer in the world.

Founded in September 2018, this gluten free, palate-pleasing vodka has claimed six national and international awards, including Best in Class and Double Gold at the 2018 Craft Distillers Spirits Competition in Sonoma County, California.

South Fork Vodka co-founders Jonathan Dorfman and Dan Kennerson identified a gap in the locally produced spirit market in their hometown of Grass Valley, California. With backgrounds in business and physics, and a love for both craft spirits and the community they grew up in, the two friends went to work creating what has quickly become the region’s preferred vodka. Named after one of Northern California’s iconic bodies of water – the South Fork of the Yuba River – the vodka is an homage to the river and the area where the co-founders grew up. Distilled six times from GMO-free American corn, produced with Sierra Nevada mountain spring water, and refined through a small batch finishing method, South Fork Vodka is making a name for itself. 

“We’re proud to introduce South Fork Vodka to all of Northern California,” said Jonathan Dorfman. “We started this business out of a love for the area and desire to invest in a region that has given us so much.”

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