Farm-to-Fork Heroes

Meet the people who are making an impact in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

Every day, members of our community are working hard to make a difference in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Their efforts can be felt throughout the region, but quite often, we may not know their names and faces. That’s where Farm-to-Fork Heroes come in – each month, we’ll be introducing you to the people who are putting the Sacramento region on the map when it comes to food and agriculture.

SunFedMarch 2016 Farm-to-Fork Heros
Matt Byrne and Chris Donati, SunFed Ranch

The greater Sacramento region’s Farm-to-Fork movement is so much more than fruits and vegetables, and SunFed Ranch’s Matt Byrne is one of the reasons why. Born and raised on a cattle ranch, Matt returned to his roots after college to establish Woodland’s SunFed Ranch with his partner Chris Donati.

The pair’s 250 combined years of family farming history, coupled with their passion for sustainable and high-quality grass-fed beef has led SunFed Ranch to become one of the leading natural and organic grass-fed beef producers in the Western United States. From ground beef to deli meats, SunFed’s products provide consumers with a fresh and local source for their proteins. The Ranch’s commitment to quality and the care of their livestock further demonstrates the region’s prowess when it comes to cattle ranching. So thanks to ranches like SunFed, whether you’re enjoying a salad or a hamburger in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital – it’s sure to be as fresh as it is delicious!

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